Speech Recognition

Our demo recognizes speech from microphone. Requires Google Chrome. Press a button and say something. The result will be displayed on the right.


Vosk Open Source

  • 18+ languages
  • works offline
  • mobile and server
  • 10 platforms

Vosk Enterprise

  • more languages
  • premium accuracy
  • ongoing support
  • technology training
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Vosk Mobile

  • more languages
  • efficiency for the edge
  • iOS and Unity
  • ongoing support
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Japanese model release


We released Japanese model for Vosk

Vocabulary update documentation


Recently we released long-waited documentation on the update of the acoustic model with new vocabulary. Please follow to expand the model or tune the accuracy.

ClueCon 2020 Presentation


Alpha Cephei presented a great talk on FreeSwitch developers conference ClueCon 2020 titled "Open source speech technology in telephony in 2020". You can find the video here.

Updates from Vosk 0.3.7


We are proud to announce some updates to our Vosk platform version 0.3.7

  • Much better accuracy with model rescoring, available for both desktop and server
  • Two new models - Vietnamese and Turkish
  • New model layout which makes model configurable
  • Freeswitch plugin which allows to quickly plug Vosk into telephony applications
  • Availability of the iOS build

Availability of Spanish and Portuguese models


We are happy to announce the availability of Spanish and Portuguese support for Alpha Cephei. Models for mobile API are available on Github. Our engine now supports 7 major languages.


Alpha Cephei primary mission is scientific. We spent more than 10 years researching speech production, speech recognition and all related areas. We have made a significant progress in understanding the nature of such a marvelous communication method as speech.

At the same time we are also the experts in implementation of the state of the art algorithms in practical systems. We excelled our capabilities during numerous projects in many companies around the world.

We hope you'll find our software, our publications and thoughts useful.

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