Goodbye Google+

Dear friends, as you know Google+ is shutting down. I considered several alternatives: Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, my old blog, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram. Unfortunately there are things I dislike in all of them.

In the age of big data we can certainly confirm that big data is just a big trash. The real ideas are always hidden from public discussions under the layers of disinformation. Incognito technologies are the ones that going to rule in the next technological age. The platform to support hidden data is not going to be public anyway.

Finally, my own stupid content is nothing but ramblings, I just translate the ideas I see around the web. It is way more interesting to read about my friends and colleagues. Not just technology news, but tiny personal things, even opinionated are of great importance and interest. Very sad to loose such a place that Google+ was. Ideally it would be nice to meet and discuss in person but its not always easy.

So it would be certainly great if you'll join few of the sites below and share your ideas and knowledge, I hope it will be beneficial for all of us. - the new Telegram channel about speech recognition. I like Telegram for the UI simplicity and speed, for the elegance of technical solutions and extension capabilities. I'm also quite excited of Russian origins of Telegram, supposedly the product of Russian intelligence agencies. - the space on Quora. I find some content on Quora quite offensive, but I also find many extremely interesting answers there from really nice people. I also find that Quora is very helpful to establish new connections and promote the ideas. - over the years I found Linkedin extremely useful for business and establishing connections. They screwed group discussions, they screwed the UI, they lost many opportunities, but they still remain the top business network. Hopefully they will catch up with the issues they have. I hope the group is going to be useful channel to get in touch and learn more about recent developments.

I also hope to continue with the blog, update our company website and continue with the developments. More on that in the future.

Please let me know what is your opinion.