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Vosk is a speech recognition toolkit. The best things in Vosk are:

  1. Supports 20+ languages and dialects - English, Indian English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, Dutch, Catalan, Arabic, Greek, Farsi, Filipino, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Swedish, Japanese, Esperanto, Hindi, Czech, Polish, Uzbek, Korean, Breton, Gujarati, Tajik. More to come.
  2. Works offline, even on lightweight devices - Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS
  3. Installs with simple pip3 install vosk
  4. Portable per-language models are only 50Mb each, but there are much bigger server models available.
  5. Provides streaming API for the best user experience (unlike popular speech-recognition python packages)
  6. There are bindings for different programming languages, too - java/csharp/javascript etc.
  7. Allows quick reconfiguration of vocabulary for best accuracy.
  8. Supports speaker identification beside simple speech recognition.


See the following sections for more information:

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to

  • Post an issue on github
  • Send us an e-mail at
  • Join our group dedicated to speech recognition on Telegram @speech_recognition
  • We have a Wechat group which is pretty big, so it is invitation-only. Mail us to join the group and provide some information about yourself.

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