See the plugin for unimrcp server

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ROS Robot operating system

Some draft of the plugin is here, not yet fully functional See also ROS wiki page We need someone help to fully implement and test the integration.

Another alternative implmentaiton

Other projects that use Vosk - ofxVosk is an openFrameworks addon of vosk-api to use automatic speech recognition (ASR) functionality based on Kaldi project. - Offline Speech to Text for Desktop Linux. See demo video. - assistant - assistant - subtitle generation - audio library search - Internet radio with voice control for RaspberryPi - mp4grep is a tool that transcribes and searches audio and video files for a regex pattern. - solfège musical training - Lite Voice Terminal, an “offline smart speaker” solution powered by on-premise ASR server - Dexter, A Voice Controlled Assistant for RPi - Subtitle Editor in C# - Voice control for handsfree computing - Offline, low latency, highly accurate and secure speech to command translation software - vosk STT plugin for mycroft - Vosk plugin for Gstreamer - Voice assistant in Russian - Search in Videos - Kouma Bi Boro is a speech recognition application in Mandinka language mainly based on the one spoken in Ivory Coast - The free and open source solution for automated video capture and distribution at scale. - Vosk-powered HUD - This IBus engine uses VOSK ( for voice recognition and allows to dictate text in several languages in any application through IBus. It supports Wayland and likely Xorg, though it has not been tested with the latter. - Gstreamer plugin for Vosk - Thymio II robot (educational robot) via voice commands using VOSK - Erlang bindings for Vosk - audio editor - Microservice that generates subtitles for TUM-Live - Speech recognition command for scripting

Bindings - Lua bindings - Cordova plugin - Vosk in Godot