Selected Papers Interspeech 2019 Tuesday

Spatial and Spectral Fingerprint in The Brain: Speaker Identification from Single Trial MEG Signals Oral; 1000–1020 Debadatta Dash (The University of Texas at Dallas), Paul Ferrari (University of Texas at Austin), Jun Wang (University of Texas at Dallas)

Investigating the robustness of sequence-to-sequence text-to-speech models to imperfectly-transcribed training data Jason Fong (University of Edinburgh), Pilar Oplustil (University of Edinburgh), Zack Hodari (University of Edinburgh), Simon King (University of Edinburgh)

Using pupil dilation to measure cognitive load when listening to text-to-speech in quiet and in noise Poster; 1000–1200 Avashna Govender (The Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh), Anita E Wagner (Graduate School of Medical Sciences, School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences, University of Groningen), Simon King (University of Edinburgh)

Leveraging Acoustic Cues and Paralinguistic Embeddings to Detect Expression from Voice Poster; 1000–1200 Vikramjit Mitra (Apple Inc.), Sue Booker (Apple Inc.), Erik Marchi (Apple Inc), David Scott Farrar (Apple Inc.), Ute Dorothea Peitz (Apple Inc.), Bridget Cheng (Apple Inc.), Ermine Teves (Apple Inc.), Anuj Mehta (Apple Inc.), Devang Naik (Apple)

Acoustic Modeling for Automatic Lyrics-to-Audio Alignment Chitralekha Gupta (National University of Singapore), Emre Yilmaz (National University of Singapore), Haizhou Li (National University of Singapore)

STC Antispoofing Systems for the ASVspoof2019 Challenge Galina Lavrentyeva (ITMO University, Speech Technology Center), Sergey Novoselov (ITMO University, Speech Technology Center), Tseren Andzhukaev (Speech Technology Center), Marina Volkova (Speech Technology Center), Artem Gorlanov (Speech Technology Center), Alexandr Kozlov (Speech Technology Center Ltd.)

Developing Pronunciation Models in New Languages Faster by Exploiting Common Grapheme-to-Phoneme Correspondences Across Languages Harry Bleyan (Google), Sandy Ritchie (Google), Jonas Fromseier Mortensen (Google), Daan van Esch (Google)

Multilingual Speech Recognition with Corpus Relatedness Sampling Xinjian Li, Siddharth Dalmia, Alan W. Black, Florian Metze

On the Use/Misuse of the Term ‘Phoneme’ Roger Moore (University of Sheffield), Lucy Skidmore (University of Sheffield)