Interspeech 2020 Thursday

Horay, this year I made an effort to review all Interspech paper, it never happened for me for quite some years. Speaker recognition, emotion recognition, ASR for language learning, transformers and semi-supervised learning, all mixed in my head now.

Thursday is a bit more relaxed than before. To list papers which got my interest:

Thu-2-7-8 Improving on-device speaker verification using federated learning with privacy

Not much serious or exciting, just an important research direction looking on idea of differential privacy

Thu-3-3-3 Hide and Speak: Towards Deep Neural Networks for Speech Steganography

Another important privacy topic which is going to be more relevant it seems

Thu-3-10-9 Conformer: Convolution-augmented Transformer for Speech Recognition

Conformer demonstrates really great results. ESPNet got really great improvements implementing this architecture.

Overall, really cool conference. I would love to hear some more comments and points about it, please share your thougths on Reddit or Telegram.